Prevent Burnout in 2015

man on tightropeFeeling overwhelmed is a frequent condition for leaders which can lead to a decrease in engagement, productivity and reduced mental health. Along with that, the organization as a whole suffers when its leaders are overwhelmed and burnt-out. So what can you do? Scott Eblin, author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative, has interviewed many successful CEOs and executives who have one thing in common, mindfulness. They exhibit the opposite of the frazzled and constantly moving lifestyles leaders typically face. According to Eblin, top executives have become experts at “clearing the decks.” Meaning, they get rid of the extraneous things that suck up their time and energy and focus on one simple task at a time. Eblin has some general guidelines that any leader can follow to avoid burnout. First, strive for rhythm instead of balance. Focus on finding a steady rhythm that allows for work and family obligations. Start with your own unique routines by resisting the urge to compare your solutions to anyone else’s. Find what works for you, what feels natural and play to your own strengths. For example, one executive spends 20 minutes exercising in the morning followed by 20 minutes of reading and a final 20 minutes meditating. This routine allows him to be well-equipped to bring on the day. When you are feeling overwhelmed, Eblin suggests to focus on the simple tasks that will still make a difference. This will give you a break plus you will receive the satisfaction of crossing something off your mental to do list. There will be time to make the big differences later on, but for now start with the ones that can be done today. According to Eblin, best practices are supported by research and results. Avoid listening to the negative feedback from others about what you’re doing wrong today, and do what is right for you. And always remember that less is more. There may be ten new things that you want to incorporate into your life. But, for now just choose a couple that are the most important to you. This will lead to success and provide you with the motivation to try other things. The key is to focus on what feels right for you and to take a step back when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Employees and the organization suffer more in the long run when the leader is burnt-out. Try these basic steps and you will be ready to take on the New Year! Source: Forbes]]>

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