"Enjoying" the snow, but longing for sun? Join us in Florida for ATD 2015!


We’re looking forward to ATD 2015 and our session, “Beyond Counting Hours: Leading Non-Salaried Workers.” During our presentation we will discuss how non-salaried workers present unique leadership challenges. While responsible for accomplishing substantial amounts of critical work in many organizations, non-salaried workers are often economically insecure and minimally engaged.  This session provides a perspective on categorizing different types of non-salaried workers and specific leadership techniques for ensuring their engagement and productivity. It applies the Affirmative Leadership methodology from our book, The Star Factor, to the leadership of non-salaried workers. Examples of successful Affirmative Leadership of non-salaried workers will be provided from a wide variety of industries including food service, manufacturing and retail. The ATD (formerly ASTD) International Conference and Exposition will be held on May 17-20 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Early bird rates expire tomorrow on January 28th. Register here. With all of the wild winter weather going on this week across the country it might be a good idea to plan ahead so you can enjoy some sunshine in a few months. Come join us in Florida!



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