Mentoring + Technology Improves Performance During Supply Chain Transformation

Digital transformation efforts are starting – and largely failing – across multiple industries, including logistics and supply chains. To be successful at digital transformation, companies must overcome a talent gap between the old ways and the new methods being driven by the advancing technology. In my experience in working with companies and leading workshops on the topic, the key to raising employee performance revolves around focused mentoring programs combined with advances in technology.

New neuroscience research on mentoring, and technology based on this research, has shown how organizations can model the top performers for the new logistics environments – senior leaders, first-line supervisors and individual contributors – and simulate a mentoring experience to develop everyone else (new hires and current personnel) to be like these top performers. Measures of impact show that participants in these programs demonstrate 90-98% of the desired attitudes, behaviors and skills.

I recently authored an article for Inbound Logistics, Using Mentors and Technology to Close the Talent Gap, that explains the mentoring methodologies derived from the research, and the practical application of these methodologies. Using our Sofia platform, we can quickly develop realtime mentoring programs that create new long-term capabilities and performance improvements by simulating the same process used by great mentors. As it turns out great mentors organize their expertise around four key areas:

  1. Purpose: What is a compelling reason for participating in the transformation and the new job?
  2. Path to mastery: How did I figure this out, and how can my experience be organized so others can follow suit?
  3. Definition of mastery: What tips can I give to others to master the mindset and skills needed for both the transformation and the new world?
  4. Realtime mentoring: What are some suggested actions that address problems or exceptions resulting from the “messy” real world?

Is your company stuck in a rut and unable to get employees to adopt new technologies and methodologies? Are your digital transformations failing to deliver the results you expected? If so, please contact us to learn how realtime mentoring may well be the difference maker you’re looking for.

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