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Achieving “Flow” in Work

By Dr. William Seidman | January 8, 2021 |

I have been getting a lot questions recently along the lines of: “How is Sofia different from just giving people documents, e-learnings, an LMS or other technologies?” I just finished...

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Coronovirus written on stop sign with passengers arriving at passport control within generic airport. The virus, which originated in China is quickly spreading around the world in early 2020

Leading through coronavirus disruption

This morning I heard that one of our major customers, with several production facilities in China, announced a complete stoppage of any travel to and from, not just China, but all other countries with significant outbreaks of the coronavirus. And, this afternoon, I heard an...

Are you using the newest science to achieve great performance?

My colleague Rick Grbavac, vice president at Cerebyte, and I were in a meeting  recently and were showing the latest enhancements on Sofia, our neuroscience-based cloud and mobile application that captures and organizes your experts’ knowledge at extraordinary speed. One of the people made a comment...
unfocused mind

Maximizing Your Unfocused Mind

 I just finished reading a great book called “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try” by Dr. Srini Pillay. In full disclosure, Dr. Pillay and his NeuroBusiness Group are a Cerebyte partner. Srini is a Harvard professor of psychology though much of his work with us is in...

Three Steps to Produce Exceptional Call Service Representatives

The growth in use of artificial intelligence in call centers has caused a great deal of concern for call service representatives (CSRs) since they may fear that their jobs will be eliminated. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, CSRs need to find better ways to...

Mentoring + Technology Improves Performance During Supply Chain Transformation

Digital transformation efforts are starting – and largely failing – across multiple industries, including logistics and supply chains. To be successful at digital transformation, companies must overcome a talent gap between the old ways and the new methods being driven by the advancing technology. In...

How to Replicate the Success of Top Performers

Note: The following article also appeared in Selling Power magazine here. Mentorship is one of the most effective ways to help salespeople improve performance. However, when we think about putting salespeople into the role of mentoring other salespeople, we run into a few significant challenges:...

Will adopting a growth mindset supercharge your company’s performance culture?

I was intrigued by one of Jeff Pfeffer’s latest blog posts, “What If You Couldn’t Easily Fire People?” because of the premise that his post was based on. His premise is that one of the reasons there is such low employee engagement is that “at...

How is your organization approaching diversity?

I recently read an interesting article in Time Magazine entitled, “Diversity has become a booming business. So where are the results?” The gist of the article is that many organizations have created diversity positions and functions in their organizations and/or promoted people responsible for diversity....
road to success

Roadmap to Supply Chain Transformation

Change is never easy. If your company is undergoing a digital transformation you're likely facing the very real problem of developing leaders who can keep the current business going strong while at the same time becoming champions of change. Rarely are leaders and managers good...