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Cerebyte to deliver keynote at L&D Neuro 2020 Digital Summit

By Dr. William Seidman | September 3, 2020 |

As many of you know, Cerebyte has been intensely focused on integrating three aspects of learning into what is now the Sofia NeuroMentor methodology and technology. The Sofia NeuroMentor merges:...

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Will adopting a growth mindset supercharge your company’s performance culture?

I was intrigued by one of Jeff Pfeffer’s latest blog posts, “What If You Couldn’t Easily Fire People?” because of the premise that his post was based on. His premise is that one of the reasons there is such low employee engagement is that “at...

How is your organization approaching diversity?

I recently read an interesting article in Time Magazine entitled, “Diversity has become a booming business. So where are the results?” The gist of the article is that many organizations have created diversity positions and functions in their organizations and/or promoted people responsible for diversity....
road to success

Roadmap to Supply Chain Transformation

Change is never easy. If your company is undergoing a digital transformation you're likely facing the very real problem of developing leaders who can keep the current business going strong while at the same time becoming champions of change. Rarely are leaders and managers good...
Diverse motivated multi-ethnic business team giving high five showing unity concept, young and old corporate group join hands promising support in collaboration, help commitment in teamwork, top view

Did you know that financial incentives don’t really motivate employees?

As many of you know, I have often written about the limitations of financial incentives designed to motivate employees. In particular, I cite the work of Dan Pink in Drive about how people need a minimum of financial support to be motivated, but then three...
Group of diverse kindergarten students standing together in classroom

Learning doesn’t have to be “hard”

It is amazing to me how traditional but very out-of-date paradigms get in the way of progress.  At Cerebyte, we have been involved with multiple organizations lately where highly successful transformational leadership pilot tests did not lead to full programs because leadership did not believe...

Finding Time with the Neuroscience of Transformational Leadership

I enjoyed reading a recent interesting article in the New York Times titled, “Can We Slow Down Time in the Age of TikTok?” This article was inspired by a college art professor’s efforts to have her students slow down enough to see and experience the...
teaching the new employee

How to “retrain” your workforce using self-directed learning

I recently read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Amazon to Spend Big to Retrain Employees.” The article focuses on a commitment Amazon has made to spend $700 million to retrain its people – about $1,200 per year per person. The article...
African woman raising hand to ask question at team training, curious black employee or conference seminar participant vote as volunteer at group office meeting with multiracial diverse businesspeople

Does ‘microlearning’ undermine opportunity for real learning impact?

“Microlearning” has recently become a topic of increased interest. In a nutshell, “microlearning” is breaking learning into very small chunks of information. The theory is that reducing the time requirements of a series of learning events makes the new content easier to learn and fits...

Sofia enables mentoring any place, any time

An article in the Wall Street Journal about mentoring programs caught my eye. The article, written by Sue Shellenbarger, appeared in the Q&A section “Work & Family Mailbox” where a reader asked how to find companies that invested in mentoring programs. Ms. Shellenberger offered some...