Leading through coronavirus disruption

This morning I heard that one of our major customers, with several production facilities in China, announced a complete stoppage of any travel to and from, not just China, but all other countries with significant outbreaks of the coronavirus. And, this afternoon, I heard an analyst saying that organizations are already asking people to work…

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Maximizing Your Unfocused Mind

unfocused mind

 I just finished reading a great book called “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try” by Dr. Srini Pillay. In full disclosure, Dr. Pillay and his NeuroBusiness Group are a Cerebyte partner. Srini is a Harvard professor of psychology though much of his work with us is in neuroscience and this book is mostly neuroscience. I wanted to…

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New perspectives on transactional vs. transformational leadership

The conflict between the narrow focus on operational excellence often required to keep your current business running well versus broad demands for organizational transformation required for the future business has become severe. Leaders have to simultaneously minimize disruption to their current business while consciously disrupting it to make the changes required for rapidly evolving markets.…

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