Executive Succession/On-boarding at DBDS in record time

Case Study

Client: Data Based Development Systems


Situation: The senior operations executive for DBDS, a large company that does outsourced database management and big data analysis, is getting ready to retire. She has unique knowledge and skills and
was given the assignment to groom a suitable replacement. The team decided to hire a replacement, but needed to ramp the replacement up quickly.


Building Great DBDS Operations Best Practices

  • The current, retiring DBDS Operations executive went through 2.5 hours of facilitatedDiscovery in two sessions (a 1.5 hour and a 1 hour session)
  •  In these Discovery sessions, she defined a comprehensive program for developing her replacement including the “secret sauce” of what had made her successful
  •  She described the Discovery experience as extremely well-organized, efficient, easy and fun

Launching the Succession/On-Boarding program using Sofia

  • Without any training in leading a Sofia Launch, the retiring executive led the new hire/successor through a 1 hour Launch session that got the new executive oriented to the Sofia methodology and the Operations best practices
  • They reported that they had intense, excellent conversation during the Launch and both said it was a very positive, informative experience
  • They defined the first 4 weeks of Actions and established a weekly check-in process

Guided Practice of the Succession/On-Boarding program using Sofia

  • The new executive followed the Sofia approach, completing the Actions and recording learnings that were proactive and insightful
  • The retiring executive followed the new executive’s progress using the Observer function in Sofia to monitor task completion and quality of performance, which she described as very useful
  • They met weekly to discuss the learnings and progress for the 3 months it took to complete the program
  • They both described the experience as very informative and strongly accelerating the ramp- up of the new executive.


  • VP of Operations said: “The transition was faster and more effective than I imagined possible.”

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