Development program for call center managers delivers big ROI

Case Study

Client: Customer Service Call Centers

An Indian company with many Customer Service Call Centers became concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) software would soon be able to replace many of its highly scripted Call Center functions. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, this company decided that everyone in its Call Centers, from senior managers to the people answering the phones, needed to find ways to connect better with the callers and to add more value.

The leadership team decided that the best way to drive both more customer-centricity and innovation was through a development program for their First-line Supervisors (FLS) who each led teams of 5-12 Customer Service Representatives. For these FLS, this would require significant changes in attitude and behaviors. Previously they had been evaluated for adherence to the scripts, number of calls processed and time on calls, all of which discouraged customer interaction and innovation. Now they had to think, act and lead their teams very differently – all without jeopardizing on-going productivity.

Capturing and sharing best practices to add more value

Through our Indian affiliate, Illuminos Consulting, this company brought in Cerebyte and its methodology to define and implement the best practices needed to evolve their Customer Service Call Centers to add significantly more value.


Building Best Practices for Adding Customer Service Value

  • They conducted a three, 2.5 hour Facilitated Wisdom Discoveries with FLS who had already improved customer service and generated innovations from three of the Call Centers plus one from a senior manager of the Call Center. The project manager, based in Mumbai led a 6 hour consolidation workshop that also included a senior HR manager to produce a best practice for FLS customer-centricity and innovation.


  • “Coaches” were 20 second level managers from four Call Centers. They were trained to be coaches in 2 simultaneous 2 Coach Development Webinars covering all four Call Centers.
  • Over the following 4 days, 200 FLS were introduced to the FLS Customer Service/Call Center development program in 12, 3-hour Launch Webinars (3 in each Call Center) – co-led by Cerebyte, Illuminos and their Coach.

Guided Application

  • Participants did one practical Action per week (e.g. practicing emotionally connecting with a caller in seconds and developing ideas for innovations), requiring about 30 minutes per week for about 5 months. From these Actions the FLS learned how to add value to the callers.
  • Groups of FLS met biweekly to discuss both what they learned from the Actions and how they could further drive customer value.
  • Progress was measured by customer satisfaction and several other factors
mobile apps application development with team of startup programmer working together in the office to develop software

Game-changing ROI garners industry award

Quantitative Measures:

Return on investment was 1,000%

Qualitative Measures:

The company won The Brandon Hall Award as Best Unique and Innovative Talent Management Program in all of India for 2017.

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