Neuroscience of Transformational Leadership Workshops

Our hands-on workshops teach leaders how to use the newest neuroscience of leadership to be great, transformational leaders. In one-, two- or four-hour workshops, attendees quickly become deeply motivated, develop new attitudes and skills based on neuroscience research and learn how to apply them to real-world situations.

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Regardless of what industry you’re in, chances are you’re facing a disruptive force, whether its new technology innovations, a rapidly changing business landscape or shifting customer expectations.

You need efficient and fast business transformation, which requires great leadership.

Recent research on the neuroscience of transformational leadership is revolutionizing the ability of leaders to transform their organizations. Our workshops deliver vital knowledge and develop new skills that make your transformation efforts truly successful.

Now you and your leadership team can learn about the latest neuroscience research and how it helps leaders lead change in highly interactive workshops.

In just the first 90 seconds of our workshops, participants experience positive neural responses to change as a tangible demonstration of both the science and the ability to be great transformational leaders.

This includes experiencing the role of “purpose” as a neural stimulant, “self-directed neuroplasticity” to quickly build “mastery” of new attitudes and skills and change-related stress management

Throughout the workshops, participants experience the best of the neuroscience of transformational leadership, gain an understanding of the underlying science and apply their learnings to real-world situations.

Join the many organizations that have experienced a Neuroscience of Transformational Leadership Workshop including GM, Chevron, the Conference Board and Intel to name a few.

Workshop content overview

Our workshops, which can be delivered on onsite or online, allow for lots of interactive discussion and engagement with participants. During a workshop, your team will learn and apply new knowledge and skills through expert facilitation, including:

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    The foundation of the neuroscience of transformation leadership

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    The conflicting paradigms of operation excellence and transformational leadership

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    How to be comfortable with an uncomfortable paradigm

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    Ways to turn into a self-aware transformation leader

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    How to create a shared “compelling purpose”

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    Understand the three parts of new mastery and how a “path to mastery” gives you control

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    Gain insight into how “self-directed neuroplasticity” rewires neurons to build the new attitudes and skills

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    Build individual and group change resilience in the face of constant stress

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    Overcome the leadership impairments created by too much stress

A staggering 70% of business transformation efforts fail, according to McKinsey & Company

One of the primary reasons for the high failure rate is a lack of effective change leadership. Leaders must be able to align their teams around a shared purpose and a transformation’s goals. But most lack the necessary skills to make that happen.

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“Many organizations know that their very survival depends on the ability build a culture that responds to unrelenting, intense change with speed and agility. Our workshops are designed to build transformational leadership as a core, long-term competency into an organization, and we’ve seen remarkable organizational changes result from our programs and workshops time and time again.”

Dr. William Seidman

CEO and President, Cerebyte
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