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2 Big Tips for Technology Adoption

Tech adoption is a huge obstacle to digital transformation. Learn how the latest technologies can greatly improve your chances of success.

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6 Tips for Transformational Leadership

Develop and sustain a great transformational leadership culture where everyone makes a significant contribution.

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Optimizing Employee Engagement in a Twitterized World

To be competitive in this time-crunched, twitterized world, forward thinking companies are turning to neuroscience based methodologies

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6 Tips for Great Customer Service

Develop and sustain a great transformational leadership culture where everyone makes a significant contribution.

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6 Tips for Great Solution Selling

Here’s how to guide your organization from product to solution selling.


Discover What Your Top Performers Do Differently–and Inspire a New Level of Greatness in All

“They go by many names—top performers, stars, rainmakers,” write William Seidman and Richard Grbavac.

Whatever you call them, these people drive the success of your company. “They’re not only great at their jobs—they have a profound sense of purpose and they get things done. They are admired throughout the organization for who they are as much as for what they do.”

The Star Factor shows how to identify what makes your top performers different—and how to harness their passion and sense of purpose so that others are inspired to become more like them. With step-by-step instructions and real-world examples, Seidman and Grbavac reveal how to transform that passion and knowledge into engaging learning tasks that make everyone a top performer.

The result is a book whose proven methodology has produced astonishing results for companies such as the world’s largest semiconductor company, where inventory management forecasting doubled its accuracy rate, and a leading fast food chain, where employee turnover dropped dramatically and employee retention remains well above industry average.

Drawing on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, The Star Factor offers a fresh look at motivation, learning, and achievement. The result is a groundbreaking book for building a culture of greatness that starts with the knowledge, wisdom, and passion of the stars and radiates throughout an entire organization.

Praise for The Star Factor

“Lucky managers have a star on their roster, a ‘Michael Jordan’ who can make things happen on the court. Smart managers find ways to bring everyone up to that level. The qualities of stand-out employees are not mysterious–they are tools, attitudes, and inner drives that can be taught and fostered. “The Star Factor” will help you understand what makes a star and how to nurture everyone’s inner magic."

Daniel H. Pink, author of “To Sell is Human” and “Drive”

“Affirmative Leadership, as presented in “The Star Factor,” is one of the best front-line leadership development programs that I have worked with. This program helps identify the best practices of your top performers, which are then developed into a learning curriculum for others in the organization. The participants are supported through coaching and mentorship from leaders within the organization. This approach ensures ownership and commitment from the participants in their journey to become better leaders.”

Prashant Bhat, Learning Director, Cigna

“The Star Factor” is a whole new way of thinking about organizational behavior change. It takes neuroscience, adds another important science, positive deviancy, adds technology, and creates a whole new approach to organizational performance. This is one of the more science-based, data driven approaches to organizational transformation I have seen."

Dr. David Rock, author “Your Brain at Work,” Director, Neuroleadership Institute;

“I have been a huge fan of The Star Factor methodology from the day the concept was introduced to me! If you are looking to create a customer-centric culture fully aligned with your organization’s values that will drive improved business results…read on!!”

Kathryn L Tecosky, Ed.S, LPC, Director, Organization Change, Cox Enterprises, Atlanta, Georgia

“There is new science that will help the average employee become excellent and an excellent employee a star. This book reveals the process for creating a high impact individual and team that outperforms and out delivers the competition.”

John Assaraf, New York Times bestselling author of “The Answer” and “Having It All,” CEO of PraxisNow.