Safety Leadership Program (SLP): Faster, customized learner programs

Case Study

Client: Online Training Company

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Safety is a critical issue for mid-sized companies in the lumber and food industries. They have very specific requirements for safety training and rely on training organizations to provide this training. One training company has a long history of providing safety training to these companies, but has received requests for customization and faster, leaner programs. In order to meet requests, this training company converted their successful Safety Leadership content to the Sofia platform so they could customize the training for each of their clients and deliver it faster and at less cost.

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The Process:
Building Safety Leadership Best Practices

The team used an existing program titled “Safety Leadership” that had been delivered using the Cerebyte Comprehensive Platform as the foundation for both a Sofia self-directed version and a customizable best practice.

  • Two people spent one hour customizing the generic Safety Leadership program to create a Safety Leadership program for a specific lumber company requirement.
  • They previewed the customized best practice with the client’s management team for one hour and received the blessing and support of management.
  • Total time to create and customize the Sofia Safety Leadership program = Two hours.

Launching the Safety Leadership program using Sofia

  • Facilitator successfully led the launch
    • Two hours for 15 people
  • Process followed the Sofia system formats:
    • They read the best practice content, discussed key ideas, and wrote anchors of thoughts and ideas.
    • Discussions were “lively and management was surprised at the level of intensity,” discussing critical topics in an organized way
    • Participants were excited to try out the ideas in their areas
    • Leadership strongly supported the process and followed up with each participant during the 4-month program.

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