Our neuroscience-based technology gives every user the experience of having a NeuroMentor. Any time. Any place. At scale.

Imagine the benefits if everyone had a great mentor…it reduces the fear of failing and gives the confidence needed to be great in their roles. Extraordinary performance gains await.

Tackle Big Problems

Technology Adoption@2x

Technology Adoption

Organizations often stumble when trying to adopt new technology. Old habits, well-known work processes and established legacy systems cause resistance to new systems...

...and technology. Yet some people – the early adopters – quickly embrace new technology, while most people lag behind. How can you get everyone to define the compelling reason to adopt new technology and the best real-world value and application? Our self-directed learning approach leads to wide-spread, willing adoption. So you can quickly realize the value of your technology investments.


If you're struggling with technology adoption, you may be interested in our new white paper "2 Big Tips for Technology Adoption."


Transformational Leadership@2x

Transformational/Change Leadership

Change is a constant. So too is the challenge of leading change. It’s no wonder senior executives, middle and first-line managers, and individual contributors struggle: they must keep the...

...current business strong while driving the transition to new attitudes, business models, systems and markets. Sofia NeuroMentor makes great change leadership by everyone in the organization possible.


Sales Performance@2x

Sales Performance Improvement

It’s a fact: 20% of sales people generate 80% of sales. What would it mean if all of your sales people were top 20% performers? The best way to improve sales performance...

...is with great mentoring, but you want your best sales people out selling. Neuroscience based self-discovery by your top sales people creates a comprehensive sales development program in hours. Not days or weeks. Self-directed learning is like having a great personal mentor for every sales person, even if they are just sitting in a customer’s parking lot thinking: “What did my mentor tell me to do in this situation?” They can just go online and recall the mentor’s advice – without requiring the actual mentor.



On Boarding/New-in-position

Recruiting and hiring new people takes immense resources. And new people start when they start. So, you better be ready. Yet few organizations do a good job of quickly bringing new hires...

...up to speed. Sofia NeuroMentor changes all that. Self-discovery lets you inexpensively build a comprehensive library of expertise. Then, like having great mentor guiding them, self-directed learning brings your new hires up to speed in short order.


Supply Chain@2x

Supply Chain Improvements

Getting products and services to your customers efficiently is essential for success. But new solutions often require major modifications to your supply chain. Balancing new and old...

...requirements is as much art as it is science – and finding that balance is always a challenge. Experts use our self-discovery to define how to manage supply chain transitions. Self-directed learning guides everyone else to implement the new systems and processes without sacrificing current revenues.


Customer Service@2x

Customer Service/Sales Call Centers

Call centers can be incredibly high pressure. Intense metrics like response time, abandonment, first call resolution and more lead to low morale, high turn-over and degraded customer...

...experiences. Yet some people thrive in call centers. With our solution, in just 2.5 hours you can discover why some of your call center personnel love the work, and, in real-time, over about 8-20 hours, mentor everyone else to develop the attitudes and behaviors of these stars. Turnover drops to the low single digits and customer satisfaction scores soar.



Discover the Wisdom of Your Stars

Our neuroscience-based, self-discovery technology guides your experts to articulate their “secret sauce” in just a few hours. Great expert content is essential for excellent instant mentoring. Then, less than a day later their wisdom can be rolled out broadly. Organizational responsiveness has never been this fast. Or this easy.

Combined Board Shape

Realtime Transparency

See, in realtime, the return on your investment with our easy-to-read dashboards that display real-world performance improvements as they happen.

Point 2@2x

Sofia® NeuroMentor System

Your people are too busy to get better. That changes with our neuroscience-enabled mentoring system, Sofia NeuroMentor. It’s like they have a great personal mentor guiding them to excellent execution in the exact optimum instant for their success. The result: everyone performs daily functions better.


Scale Easily

Whether you have 10 people in the same location or 10,000 around the world, give all your people the experience of having a great mentor. Cloud and mobile technology means everyone, anywhere gets the NeuroMentor experience, seamlessly and at very low cost.


Real Problems. Real Results.

When it comes to making the investment in learning programs and technology, HR managers and chief learning officers always have two key questions in mind: will it work and will it provide a positive return on investment. Over the past 20 years, our neuroscience-based technology has consistently delivered exceptional results.

Take a look at these examples and then sign up for a Sofia® NeuroMentor™demo today.

ROI of more than 39X

Major auto parts chain

Underperforming store managers

 Per-store turnover reduced from 250% to 50%

Major fast food chain

 High employee turnover; need to develop restaurant managers


Doubled sales of new product line

Digital advertising company

Need to improve performance of sales team for product launch

Saved $50 million in inventory costs

Technology company

Supply chain managers underperforming

Won major award and measured ROI of 1,000%

Tata Consultancy Services

Improve performance of first-line supervisors

Attitudes & Behaviors@2x

Over 90% of users demonstrate the attitudes, behaviors, and performance levels of the star performers and our clients all report excellent ROI results.

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Cerebyte uses the latest advances in web technology and neuroscience to give all users the experience of having a great personal mentor, dramatically and quickly improving performance. Learn from our experts.

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