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Neuroscience-based program builds knowledge assets

rick-blog-postThe top-performing people are some of the most valuable assets in your company, due (in part) to a vast “database” of wisdom and knowledge living in their heads. But what happens when that person eventually leaves your company? Naturally, that knowledge and wisdom will go with them, unless you can somehow capture and organize that wisdom and knowledge to create a capital asset for your company. This was the charter of knowledge management efforts in the past. However, there were several problems with this approach. First, the assumption had been that knowledge was the answer, meaning: “Do this list of things and you will be great!” There’s a great abundance of knowledge in this world, but just a few people have the wisdom and know-how to use it effectively. Second, the process of trying to capture best practices is time-consuming and tedious, pulling people away from their productive efforts. Lastly, those previously mentioned efforts lacked the foundation that comes from the neuroscience of learning to ensure that the knowledge and wisdom is embraced by others in the organization—not just stored away and forgotten. A new method of tapping into tacit knowledge makes it possible to capture, organize and utilize the top performers’ wisdom and knowledge quickly. Using a neuroscience-based design, every top-performing person in your organization can create a reusable and shareable program that others can use to learn from and improve upon. This knowledge and wisdom becomes part of the shared knowledge of the organization and doesn’t leave when the expert leaves your company. How much more is your company worth when the wisdom and knowledge of your people is always available?  ]]>

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