Introducing the Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor™

We have put the entire, high impact Cerebyte user experience – Purpose, Big Steps, Tips and Actions – on Android phones/tablets and iPhones/iPads. It is like having a personal mentor in each person’s pocket. Any situation that would benefit from having a great mentor – any performance improvement or leadership development situation you can imagine — would benefit from the Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor™.

Why should you care? The “new normal” we face requires different approaches to leading your team to better performance. Face-to-face meetings, mentoring programs, and other ways of interacting with and developing your people are not possible now. Having a technology that produces the same effects as a personal mentoring program, that can be monitored and administered globally, fills the need to effectively keep your people on track to prosper in this current environment.

There are several things that the mobile version of our process gives you that are unique and very powerful.

  • Ease of Use – People in the test groups learned to use the Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor™ in less than five minutes.
  • Real-time Speech Recognition for Capture of Reflections — Responses and learning entries can be done simply by speaking (or using the phone’s key board if that is preferred). The system records the learning just like Siri or Google does.
  • Real-time Look-up Support for Performance — People can look-up the tips and actions in real-time (in the initial testing a team leader did a Tips look-up on collaboration as he was walking into a tense meeting).
  • Easy Scaling – Because the Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor™ is on people’s phones (and everyone has a phone), people can get great mentoring anywhere, anytime, even if you have thousands of people to mentor at once.
  • High Impact – Using Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor close to the same attitude and behavioral impact as the full Cerebyte program. We are getting about a 90-98% alignment with the desired attitudes and behaviors.

The positive feedback from the early adopters has been excellent, but a little surprising. While many of the comments are about solving the BIG PROBLEMS like technology adoption, call center performance and the need for better leadership in difficult transformations, other comments have been about making life easier for managers. Their comments are about the reduction and even elimination of work situations people really dislike such as:

  • It virtually eliminates nasty surprises created by my people that land on my desk
  • It makes it much easier to deal with poor performing people
  • It eliminates many of worries about the productivity of people in Work From Home

Several of the comments have been about how the culture feels better. When everyone has a great personal mentor, everyone is aligned on the purpose and is getting better at their job. People are telling us that the Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor helps make work more enjoyable.

”How is this possible?” you are probably wondering. Think of Steve Job’s introduction of the iPhone. He told everyone that it is an experience, that you must do to realize how great it is. While I am not Steve Jobs (I suspect you know that already), the idea that using the Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor™ is a unique “experience,” — more than just a new platform — is similar to people’s initial experience with the iPhone.

The former ways to engage and develop your people are not working very well so you have to change paradigms – like it or not.  Do you want to try keeping the old paradigms or try an experience delivered through the most convenient tool everyone has – their phones? Contact us and we will arrange for your Sofia Mobile NeuroMentor™ experience.



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