Using neuroleadership to sustain organizational change

By William Seidman If you’ve recently implemented change in your company – congratulations! But now what? Ensuring that change “sticks” is the tough part. Focused positive thinking has been shown to actually work. The Little Engine That Could (“I think I can, I think I can”) is about the power of positive thinking. Studies in social psychology and neuroscience research suggest strongly that lasting change can be sustained through a series of mental and psychological exercises. New neural pathways can be established, but to really take hold they must be reinforced. Cognitive behavioral change happens with focus, nurturance, and sustained affirmative effort. I think it’s exciting that findings in neuroscience are beginning prove their usefulness to corporate and organizational leadership and change. NeuroLeadership: “a new field of study focused on bringing neuroscientific knowledge into the area of leadership development, management training, education, consulting, and coaching. – From, a group that is organizing two Global NeuroLeadership Summits in Fall 2008; one for Asia Pacific in Sydney and the other in New York. I’ll try to be at at least one of them.]]>

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