Bargain with jet lag: make friends with your destination

By William Seidman Nobody enjoys jet lag  and it’s on my mind as I prepare for a trip to Germany.  Its medical term is desynchronosis. Yes, it renders you out of synch. But does it have to? I’ll fly from the west coast Monday, arrive in Germany late Tuesday afternoon, work the rest of the week and return home on Saturday. I’ve made hundreds of working trips like this one and notice something: when I go to a place with which I’m comfortable and familiar, I feel little or no jet lag. This is true for trips to places as far-flung as the UK, Japan and Hong Kong. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m flying east or west or ahead or back in time. If I’m comfortable with the hotels, restaurants, and working set-up I’m less anxious. Whenever possible I have a snack in a familiar restaurant, exercise in fresh air, and get organized for the work shortly after arrival. Of course missing a night’s sleep is bound to catch up with anyone, and I try to sleep en route if I’m arriving at my destination in the morning. But it’s interesting that, at least for me, the classic jet lag symptoms are lessened by a comparatively stress-free assignment and destination. Now if only every trip could be like that!]]>

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