Notes from the Orlando ISPI Conference on Performance Improvement

By Rick Grbavac I’m at the ISPI — International Society for Performance Improvement — Conference in Orlando. The keynote yesterday morning was given by Joseph Fiksel,  Executive Director of  The Center For Resilience at Ohio State and an international expert on operations research. It was Resilient Today – Sustainable Tomorrow.  His focus was on creating sustainable companies by focusing on being resilient today: meeting the needs of today without compromising your organization’s ability to meet the needs of the future.  He talked about creating shareholder value, societal value and focusing on environmental resource protection while doing so. And showing that companies are profiting from taking the sustainable stance. I presented the educational session, Transformative Motivation for Extraordinary Performance Improvement. There were more than 50 attendees (I know because I ran out of materials!)  It’s a good sign if you finish with the same number of people that you started with, and I did. I focused on Dan Pink’s book Drive, taking his latest thoughts on motivation and putting them in to practice using the Cerebyte methodology.  Some of the companies and organizations represented at the session included KPMG, Humana, Progressive, Southern California Edison, Home Depot, Kaiser,  The US Coast Guard, Gulfstream, the gaming company Aristocrat Technologies, LG Academy from Lahore, India; NOAA, Air Canada, Lowes, Genentech, Victoria’s Secret and the Governor’s Center for Management Development in Austin, Texas. All in all a great day. It was 92 degrees out last night at dinner time!]]>

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