Why we like ISPI's THE Performance Improvement Conference (hint: talk AND action)

By William Seidman We make it a point not to miss ISPI’s annual THE Performance Improvement Conference. This year’s, held in April in Toronto, did not disappoint. Rick Grbavac, Cerebyte VP, presented on one of our favorite topics. “Achieving Unimaginable Performance: New Science for Affirmative Leadership.” Rick’s second presentation was “No More Assessments: An Affirmative Scientific Approach.” Who goes to this conference? Independent consultants and, also, folks from:

  •      financial services giant Deloitte
  •      the Australian Westfield Group
  •      energy company Pepco Holdings
  •      SaskPower
  •      workers comp insurer Key Risk
  •      hospital services company Human Arc
  •      University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs Governor’s Center for Management Development
  •      Hyundai
  •      National Organization for Women
  •      Granger
  •      Fermi National Accelerator Lab
  •      Canadian Armed Forces
  •      Lowes      
  •      Chrysler
among many others. Keynote speaker Dick Clark, EdD, Director, Center for Cognitive Technology, University of Southern California, spoke on  “Back to our Future: Evidence-Based Practice for ISPI,” and debunked a lot of conventional wisdoms of ISPI. He called on the organization to become the first evidence based performance technology organization. Rick: “It fit very well with our Affirmative Leadership topic.” Another great ISPI conference, interesting and full of food for thought AND action. Hope to see even more friends and colleagues at next year’s. ]]>

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