Store culture is as Important as sales, coupons, and pricing. JC Penney, are you listening?

  • Positive Exemplars – Utilize the wisdom of the top store leaders to create best practices for success in spite of the barriers
  • Positive Images – Convert this wisdom into positive images consistent the new neuroscience of learning that cause people to adopt new cultural attitudes and behaviors
  • Positive Practice – Give all store managers the opportunity to practice applying the positive best practices
  • Positive Reflection – Give all store managers the opportunity to reflect on how to achieve greatness in the roles even if there are barriers
  • It amazes me that no one seems to have paid much attention to JC Penney’s culture. If Ron Johnson had used these four cultural change processes he might still be employed. If the new president continues to ignore culture, he will quickly join Ron Johnson as unemployed.  ]]>

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