Managers can be great coaches: 3 steps

By William Seidman Once managers have committed to embracing the role of coach, there are key steps that are integral to mastering the process. 1. The coach must understand that it is important to enjoy the coaching process both for the joy of watching someone become great and for the more selfish reason that effective employees contribute to the coach’s own success. 2. The coach must organize their own time and work in order to permit high-quality coaching to transform their team. They must come to understand that transforming people is part of their job. When they successfully transform people, managing them gets much easier and transactional performance improves. This recognition of the possibilities of being transformational is yet another huge step toward being a great coach and leader. 3. The coach-in-training must set the expectation that team members will complete learning exercises, participate in team meetings, and record their learning progress. It must be reinforced that the company is investing in them and they need to make a complete investment for the entire program to be successful.  ]]>

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