Meet the Sustainer™ Learning Platform

By William Seidman Sustainer™  is a web application that reinforces prior training skills. Through optimized learning tasks and practical application, users review key concepts from a prior learning program and are guided to apply those concepts in their real jobs. It may sound complicated but, in fact, the interface is easy to use; the sophistication and complexity of the program are completely hidden from the user. The interface focuses attention on learning tasks that have been created from your prior training program. Major topics are continually reinforced and presented as a to-do list. Access to supporting materials and resources is provided automatically. A scheduling feature inspires a commitment to completion through automatic notifications of weekly learning tasks. Users are also required to keep a Learning Journal in which they record exactly what they have learned. The Learning Journal drives reflective learning and also reinforces the learning tasks. Finally, a dashboard summary shows progress on completed learning exercises so that the organization knows what each employee has learned and how the knowledge is being used. When metrics are available, the tool can even correlate the training to business objectives so that executives can answer the question: Was the training effective and are my employees applying their new knowledge to their jobs? Sustainer™ helps to raise the performance of everyone in an organization over the long haul. Don’t you want that?  ]]>

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