You really can create a culture of greatness

By William Seidman In our forthcoming book, “The Star Factor,” we show organizations how to uncover what makes their top performers extraordinary and then guide everyone else to think and act like the stars. When “The Star Factor” is used for multiple roles in an organization, it creates what we call a “culture of greatness.” A culture of greatness is where everyone makes a significant leadership contribution to the organization, no matter where they are on the org chart, and the organization thrives. In the book, we outline a four-part methodology: First, establish an image of excellence by identifying the stars and discovering what makes them so good. This requires the science of positive deviance. Second, motivate others to want to become like the stars. This step requires the latest neuroscience of positive images. Third, ensure that the stars’ attitudes and behaviors are learned for the long-term using the latest neuroscience of learning. Finally, we show how this can be done even if the company is a huge, global organization operating in many countries. This step uses the systems of mass customization and persuasive technology to make everyone a star.  ]]>

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