Shape your beliefs, determine your success

article400_Man_happiness-420x0A recent article on nails why our belief systems are so integral to achieving excellence. As Gary O’Neil says, “If repetition is the mother of mastery, then belief must be the mother of achievement. Like most things in life, we won’t take action in anything if we don’t believe in it.” O’Neil shares five ideas for shaping how we think in order to achieve amazing results:

  1. Change your reality, change your life. “[W]e have to live outside of what we know and seek a greater reality that we may not yet understand. In order to shape our lives, we must confront and fix our belief system.”
  2. Expand your horizons and visualize success. “Reaching any worthwhile goal entails some discomfort. During your journey, stress, pain, and setbacks are bound to occur, but strong visualization builds an unbreakable level of certainty—an unyielding belief that you will be successful regardless of the circumstances.”
  3. Break through obstacles and overcome fear. When barriers prevent us from doing something, we need to find ways to remove them. We can’t allow negativity to stop us from what we’re trying to achieve. “It’s natural to be fearful—we all experience at times. So if we can’t get rid of it entirely, what do we do? Manage it the best we can, or expose ourselves to it gradually.”
  4. Be confident. “No matter what you’re trying to achieve, learn it up and down so you’ll build the necessary confidence and certainty in tackling the challenges you’ll face.”
  5. What is measured is achieved. Don’t put off success. “The longer you let something run, the less likely it will ever happen.” Share your goals with others so they can help you stay focused and accountable. “Set high expectations for yourself. A lot of the great successes we see come out of the necessity to make dramatic changes in our lives.”
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