Disruptive Technology for Leading, Learning and Organizational Transformation…Speed, Speed and More Speed

speedoWe live in a Twitterized world. Everything is in 140 characters…or now its 280 characters. The fast-paced, “what have you done for me lately” world has made it even more challenging for companies and their employees to be successful. Most leadership initiatives and change programs take days, weeks and sometimes years to complete and, honestly, who has time for that? Often times, the vehicle for change is some form of “training” since all new initiatives and change mean that personnel have to stop doing work the old way and learn to work a new way. Yet, these change programs have historically been incredibly time-consuming to develop and, at best marginally effective, reducing the impact of strong leadership.

But neuroscience research has led to development of new learning approaches that thrive in this time and budget pressured world. Imagine being able to develop a comprehensive transformation program in just 2-6 hours. Imagine that at the end of that brief time, you can touch 2 people or 20,000 people in real-time, where ever they are in the world. This is what Cerebyte’s new Sofia, online, neuroscience-based, high-impact self-guided learning platform does. It gives the learning organization the ability to support leadership and change initiatives in almost real time.

For example, one company realized that its sales representatives were too “transactional” focusing too much on selling their specific assigned product, instead of promoting multi-product integrated solutions. They were also selling to the lower levels of their prospects instead of to the C-level. As a result, sales were lagging and management was unhappy. They knew they needed to become better at strategic selling but didn’t know how to make that happen.

One sales person had “cracked-the-code” of how to think about selling in a more strategic way and how to actually make strategic integrated solution sales. Using Sofia, in less than three hours, he developed a comprehensive “solution selling” program that targeted C-level executives. The program included positioning the sales efforts against the competition and tailored the messages to executives rather than managers. Using the self-guided learning, this program was made available to the rest of the sales organization, driving a rapid, extensive but difficult transformation.

How successful was this top performer? He was promoted shortly thereafter.

Now image that in just 2-6 hours you can define the attitudes and behaviors you want for any leadership initiatives and deploy it in real-time through a high impact program to everyone else. As we said – speed, speed and more speed. What would that mean for your ability to lead your organization?

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