Roadmap to Supply Chain Transformation

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Change is never easy. If your company is undergoing a digital transformation you’re likely facing the very real problem of developing leaders who can keep the current business going strong while at the same time becoming champions of change. Rarely are leaders and managers good at both, and therefore tend to focus on keeping short-term operations going strong while change initiatives languish. The inevitable result is that the much needed changes don’t happen and over time the business slides further and further behind competitors. This is especially true for supply chain transformations which tend to be complex and far reaching.

For such transformations to succeed, executives and senior managers must develop a new set of leadership skills to guide their companies through a rapidly changing environment. Having been involved in many successful supply chain transformation projects, I’ve seen first-hand that what separates the winners from the losers is the ability to create integrated learning and leadership development models that can be used to quickly and efficiently grow change leaders who function well in both operational and change leadership roles.

To be successful, companies must develop leaders with the purpose and mastery to deliver on the transformation roadmap. As detailed in an article I wrote for Supply Chain Management Review, How leaders drive supply chain transformation, this is best accomplished by tapping into neuroscience research on engagement to create alignment with the desired attitudes, behaviors and skills. I hope you will take a few moments to read the article to learn how your company can become a supply chain transformation success story.

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