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How do you become a curator of wisdom? One word: Sofia

The research in neuroscience of how people think and learn has enabled a new technology that changes the “training paradigm” and allows companies to evolve their learning and development organization to one that is the curator of high value wisdom and knowledge. Some background: When businesses were small, the founders and key personnel took responsibility…

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Collaboration vs. Privacy – A Setting in Sofia

As many of you know, Sofia has several social media-like sharing functions. One function is participation in a “community of practice” type of environment. This community is for general purpose questions and discussions and it is based on the model of a Facebook wall. Another function is for the sharing of learnings that come from…

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Cerebyte’s Sofia program helps speed leadership transformation

In an earlier post, I referred to a situation where a technical leader used our Cerebyte Sofia online learning platform to develop a best practice in just 1.5 hours. The situation that prompted this initiative is a real and common problem in a lot of organizations. Specifically, this organization recognized that the standard practice of…

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