Cerebyte to deliver keynote at L&D Neuro 2020 Digital Summit

As many of you know, Cerebyte has been intensely focused on integrating three aspects of learning into what is now the Sofia NeuroMentor methodology and technology. The Sofia NeuroMentor merges:

  • What a great mentor does to promote learning and growth
  • How recent research on the neuroscience of learning aligns with and supports what a great mentor does
  • How to leverage both cloud and mobile technologies to create a great neuroscience-based mentoring experience for anyone, anywhere, anytime, even if you have thousands of people to mentor

The Sofia NeuroMentor has produced excellent results such as users of our system consistently demonstrating 90-98% of the most desirable model of attitudes and behaviors. This is a level of impact well beyond what other approaches have been able to achieve.

Based on this work, I have been asked to give the keynote speech to the Transformance Forum on September 11 at 2:30 am PDT. Yes, that is 2:30 in the morning Pacific Time since this conference is based in India (this is 15:00 IST). (I know that all of my US-based colleagues and friends will be awake to hear this😊). The Transformance Forums are a series of online events staged around the world that bring in experts in particular areas. This one is called “L&D Neuro 2020: Discovering the magic of neuroscience in L&D function to boost employee performance and productivity.” It has about 10 speakers with different perspectives on the topic.

The title of my talk is:

Learning & Neuroscience “Unbeatable Companions”:  Using Neuroscience in L&D to Support dispersed Workforce & Accelerate Learning

I will be co-presenting with our India affiliate Smita Affinwalla from Illuminos Consulting. Here is the write up for the talk:

The discipline of neuroscience applied to L&D helps accelerate rapidly up-skilling of employees to adjust to new normal  

There is a growing evidence that application-level up learning effectiveness. Thus, enhancing talent outcomes: increased employee engagement and greater resilience during hard times.

  • How to use Neuroscience to quickly develop learners to high levels of improved performance
  • How develop learner’s “Purpose” and “Mastery” drive productivity and enhance change resilience 
  • How to use cloud and mobile technologies to provide great remote learning and enable massive scaling

We will also be talking about a very successful project with Tata Consulting Services that achieved a 1,000% ROI.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote learning and change resilience substantially more critical to an organization’s success. Organizations have to improve performance even though there is soaring uncertainty and working from home is adding many more challenges.

Just to give you an idea of the flexibility and impact of the Sofia NeuroMentor approach I will be discussing in the talk, in February we were slated to begin three programs for a high tech company – one on leading change and a second on driving adoption of new technologies. All three were going to have an onsite kick-off – and then the novel virus hit. All three were converted to remote in less than a day and launched globally by late February, with all participants in mandatory “work from home.”  The launches were very successful, keeping everyone engaged and creating strong motivation to excel. Preliminary data from the programs are showing about a 95% alignment with the behavioral objectives and lots of great comments about how immediately useful the programs are, particularly with the helping people manage high levels of uncertainty and WFH.

There is a lot of good content in this talk. Assuming that most of you will NOT be listening in, I would be happy to share it with you directly. Please let me know if you want to learn more.

Let me leave you with a question. Are you getting a 90-98% alignment with your model of optimum performance? Are you feeling that WFH is working as well as you want? If not, I look forward to hearing from you.

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