Doing business in the big leagues: be smart, bold, careful, and thoughtful

By William Seidman A recent article by Maureen Farrell in, “Doing Business With The Big Boys,” discusses several ways in which smaller companies, eager to do business in the big leagues, got burned – or at least chastised.  The gist of the warning is: If you’re signing a contract, you need a lawyer. Then check out that big company thoroughly, proceed with caution, be prepared, get it in writing, make sure you have read and understand ALL the fine print – and then read it again.  I’m profiled and quoted (though Cerebyte is in beautiful Lake Oswego, Oregon – and not the nonexistent location Lake Oswego, Canada!) because it’s happened to us, too. We dealt with a senior manager who, in fact, didn’t have the decision-making authority we’d thought he had. Ouch. But it won’t ever happen to us again, and needn’t happen to you.     ]]>

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