Doing something you're not already good at

By William Seidman We’re working with a company that wants to change the way it does training. Instead of the old dull Power Points, they asked us for a highly interactive type of training. We agreed and designed an interactive approach that does not rely on Power Points. The managers looked at it and were reluctant to even try it! Turns out they were much more comfortable with Power Point presentations and wanted to use them — staying in the old comfort zone which they agree isn’t effective — if only to show why they didn’t want to use them. Is this logical? No, but it’s human nature.  Every level of an organization needs to step out of its comfort zone at times for real change to occur. Leaders can model this. It isn’t easy, but leadership must be willing to try new things — at the risk of some discomfort — for performance to improve. Most of us don’t want to do things we’re not already good at, but it’s just this kind of willing, open experimentation that can lead to effective change.]]>

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