The Wisdom Discovery Session

By William Seidman To discover the attitudes, knowledge and skills that come so naturally to your star performers—the unconscious competence they possess—you must understand the general traits involved and create an environment in which people can analyze their own attitudes and behavior.  Many companies have tried to institute “Best Practice” implementations by doing interviews. In the end, though, they developed nothing more than a list of competencies and to-do lists. Being great at a role entails more than that. If it were as easy as completing a to-do a list, almost everyone would be great at their jobs. Your star performers, or positive deviants, think about their jobs in very different ways and rely on a very compressed set of rules and experiences to make decisions. Interestingly, all positive deviants organize their thinking in fundamentally similar ways. That’s why it is possible to use what we call the Wisdom Discovery process to obtain a very organized and clear picture of what it means to be great in any role. The Wisdom Discovery process searches for the following four things from the positive deviants: • A  clear statement of their true purpose in their role – what we call The Higher Purpose • A big-picture view of the steps or phases necessary to achieve their purpose — The Path to Mastery • A deeper definition of what greatness looks like in each of the steps  — Details of Mastery • The activities that build the habits necessary to achieve greatness in the role — Learning Tasks These elements, organized and worded according to the latest neuroscience of learning, become the foundation for coaching others to become great in their roles.]]>

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