The Stickiness of Affirmative Leadership

By William Seidman For several years now, the Affirmative Leadership programs we run have concluded with our closure presentations. Beginning about two years ago, we started to get requests for extending the program. Many of the groups we’d worked with wanted to continue meeting weekly because they found the group discussions so valuable. We were often asked to  transfer the material we’d used into what they called “operations” or “field guides.”  Still other organizations were concerned that daily pressures to become more transactional would eventually erode the learnings, so they asked for a series of ongoing practice and reinforcement tasks. Organizations continued the program for many reasons and in many forms. This led to our developing the Affirmative Leadership Sustainer™ which extends the best of the positive exemplar wisdom and Learning Tasks for long-term use. Affirmative Leadership has changed the costs and benefits of investing in an organization. The new science provides a foundation for a coherent, holistic learning methodology that gives executives extraordinary leadership and organizational development capabilities. It helps them see unimaginable possibilities about their own leadership. Most critically, it allows them to create a culture that is high-performing and makes their organization a great place to work.  ]]>

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