The Star Factor: affirmative leadership

By William Seidman I hope you’ll pre-order our upcoming book, “The Star Factor,” to learn why you should — and then,  how to — develop a comprehensive Affirmative Leadership program. You’ll discover the underlying science and actual techniques we’ve used with hundreds of real organizations to create Affirmative Leaders. You’ll learn how to use the science of “positive deviance” to identify and discover your stars’ wisdom. See how the neuroscience of motivation creates intense motivation in others to learn the stars’ wisdom. You’ll understand how the neuroscience of learning guides learners into developing sustained leadership skills that make a huge contribution to an organization. The book is filled with case studies of programs for executives, first-line managers and individual contributors. The case studies illustrate the possibilities that Affirmative Leadership can create and the problems it can solve, such as driving a disruptive cultural change or surviving a bankruptcy. The book also explores the bottom line in two senses: the impact of Affirmative Leadership programs on attitudes and behaviors, and the financial results it produces. It shows that 9 out of 10 people in an Affirmative Leadership program demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors of the stars. It also shows how Affirmative Leadership consistently achieves an average return on investment of 20X. Anyone and everyone can and should be an Affirmative Leader regardless of their place on an organizational chart, their country or their culture. “The Star Factor” will show you how.  ]]>

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