Robust and effective: affirmative leadership really works.

By William Seidman Affirmative Leadership is not just for executives: most companies that have adopted the method have used it to improve performance at all levels. We’ve taught executives, middle managers, team members and leaders to be Affirmative Leaders. When the critical roles in an organization are played by Affirmative Leaders, people’s shared purpose and trust in each other’s mastery combine to create a superior culture and extraordinary performance. Affirmative Leadership is so robust and effective that it can develop everyone and anyone in an organization into great leaders. Affirmative Leadership programs have been successfully implemented for customer service representatives in call centers, process technicians on production lines, first line managers, software programmers, and managers and executives, all of which resulted in significant contributions to the organizations’ leadership. In addition, Affirmative Leadership can be used with a small group or globally for thousands of leadership candidates at once, even if they’re in different cultures or countries. It works the same way every time. When an organization develops Affirmative Leadership in many roles and locations, the organization itself changes, becoming that idealized place to work — what we call a “culture of greatness.”  ]]>

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