The “Cerebyte Experience”

logoEver since we founded Cerebyte we have been trying to find the best way to explain who we are and what we do. Many years ago a Star Factor program manager at a fast food chain called our process “magic.” While intriguing, it didn’t help to explain what we did and what the benefits were. It’s not like we could go around telling people we made “magic.”


We experimented with all sorts of different ways to describe what we did and how our program worked. Eventually, we settled on: “We discover what makes someone great in a role and use the newest advances in neuroscience to get everyone else to think and act like stars.” This is literally correct, but not the best description of what people actually experience and how our program affects them. What people experience goes far beyond that description.


On a regular basis people tell us that going through a “Cerebyte” program changes their lives in incredibly positive ways. It changes how they perform at work and how they relate to their spouses, children and peers. One person told us that the program deeply improved her relationship with her spouse. Another said it helped pull him out of a deep depression caused by severe injuries due to a car accident.


The Cerebyte program gives people a new confidence. “You can tell the difference between someone who has been in a Cerebyte program from someone who has not by how they walk and talk,” said one manager. The Cerebyte participant is so much more confident and self-assured. They feel on top of the world, because their purpose is so powerful, their sense of mastery blossoms and their learning group gives great social support.


We soon began to hear people describing their “development” program using a short-hand. For example, “I did Cerebyte,” or “are you doing Cerebyte?” or “how is your Cerebyte going?”


To us, we believe that we are enabling a process for things such as, becoming a transformational leader, or becoming a great sales person, customer service rep or first line supervisor. We always thought that it was wrong and limiting to refer to our program as just “Cerebyte” because that wasn’t the intended impact.


However, in recent months the sheer volume and strength of personal testimonials about the experience have been overwhelming. It soon became clear that maybe there really is such a thing as the “Cerebyte Experience,” which goes well beyond a development program. It is this personal growth experience that just makes people feel good about who they are and how they live.


Going forward, we are going to refer to the “Cerebyte Experience,” meaning not just a methodology or a development program with a ROI, but a program that is… dare I say, magical? Yes indeed magical.



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