By William Seidman The article “That’s the Way We (Used to) Do Things Around Here” by research psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz with Pablo Gaito and Doug Lennick in strategy +business  discusses neuroscientific research and research findings’ usefulness to organizational change, specifically at Cargill and Ameriprise. After nearly a decade the Cargill leadership program is a success. Emphasis on decade. The news is great, but did it have to take ten years? Cerebyte ran a transformational leadership program recently and the company we worked with experienced a profound change in capability in just 7 months. We emphasize the role of an organization’s positive deviants in creating positive imagery. Positive deviants create a benchmark for ongoing tweaking and self-analysis. The synergy of positive deviants, neuroscience and, to reinforce new learning,  persuasive technology takes the process to a whole new level.]]>

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