Using neuroscience principles and positive deviance to improve big organizations (it works)

By William Seidman The article “That’s the Way We (Used to) Do Things Around Here” by research psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz with Pablo Gaito and Doug Lennick in strategy +business  discusses neuroscientific research and research findings’ usefulness to organizational change, specifically at Cargill and Ameriprise. After nearly a decade the Cargill leadership program is a success. Emphasis on decade. The news is great, but did it have to take ten years? Cerebyte ran a transformational leadership program recently and the company we worked with experienced a profound change in capability in just 7 months. We emphasize the role of an organization’s positive deviants in creating positive imagery. Positive deviants create a benchmark for ongoing tweaking and self-analysis. The synergy of positive deviants, neuroscience and, to reinforce new learning,  persuasive technology takes the process to a whole new level.]]>

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