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By William Seidman We talk a lot about what we do and how we do it here on our blog. Now it’s time to  talk about some of the amazing results we have achieved with companies. We use five levels of measurement, from recorded learnings by the training program participants about how they used the stars’ expertise, to informal and formal certifications to correlate with business metrics. In the informal and formal certifications, more than 9 out of 10 participants certify as displaying the same attitudes and behaviors as the stars. In the measurement of business performance, we average a 20X return on investment; that’s $20 returned for every dollar spent on the program. A biotech company that produces blood plasma products was losing considerable time and profitability because of problems with required government recertification processes. The company used Cerebyte’s methodology to create and manage a standard process for recertification, creating a savings of more than $7 million in the first year alone. A financial management expert revolutionized their training using Cerebyte’s method. They now expect to have 1,000 customers using the Cerebyte method. The direct result of using the Cerebyte methodology is an increase in revenue of $350k per month and a 125% increase in their customers’ revenues. Visit our Customer Stories  page to see how building a culture of greatness has produced excellent return on investment for all kinds of companies.  ]]>

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