Three Steps to Produce Exceptional Call Service Representatives

The growth in use of artificial intelligence in call centers has caused a great deal of concern for call service representatives (CSRs) since they may fear that their jobs will be eliminated. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, CSRs need to find better ways to connect with callers and add value. One strategy is to reprogram the CSR role to have representatives focus less on reading scripts and metrics, like the number of calls processed, and teach CSRs to think and act in a more intelligent way while maintaining productivity. 

As discussed in a recent article I wrote for Contact Center Pipeline, the key to improving the performance of CSRs is based on improved mentoring. New neuroscience research on mentoring improves the tangible results of increased sales and intangible attitudes and behaviors required to better serve current customers. Based on workshops that we’ve led with companies across multiple industries, we’ve developed a three-step process which turns CSRs into high-performers:

  • Discovery – Great mentors have a wealth of highly organized expert knowledge that they can easily share.
  • Launch – Great mentors can stimulate mentees’ intense interest in growth.
  • Instant Mentoring – Great mentors provide specific tips, recommended actions and systematically follow-up with check-ins on expected progress.

To create a team of exceptional CSRs, it is imperative that you align training methodologies with desired outcomes. Have you had success improving the performance of your CSRs? Feel free to contact me to discuss how you achieved these results. Or give us a call to discuss how our Sofia Learning Platform can help your company build leaders who excel at driving change while still achieving operational excellence.

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