Why a transactional environment is bad for your company’s health and what you can do about It

By William Seidman Whether you’re a CEO or a manager, the chances are good that you’re focused on your company’s numbers to the exclusion of any big picture, and you feel like you’re pedaling as fast as you can. Welcome to the club – but you need not stay in it. Attaining vision requires real thought and work and carries the risk of disruption to daily numbers — which is worse than nerve-racking to managers.  Expending time and energy on long-range planning — or even thinking about a long-range future — seems, then, to some leaders, like a luxury they just don’t have. But there’s a real risk in avoiding thinking about, and planning for, substantive change. We here at Cerebyte agree with Daniel Pink who shows in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us that a transformational approach actually produces better numbers than a transactional one. We’ve designed a program, “Transformational Leadership in a Transactional World” that coaches numbers-focused executives and managers into visionary, transformational leadership. We want to enable them to succeed at real long-range thinking and the changes it brings, along with satisfying the realistic and important demand for good daily numbers.]]>

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